Custom Domains

Setup your own sub-domain to brand your survey links. For example:   to

Adding a Custom Domain

  1. In the Account drop down menu in the black navigation bar, select My Account
  2. In the menu on the left click Custom Domain
  3. Enter the domain or sub-domain you wish to use for your surveys into the box, then click Add
  4. You'll need to set up a CNAME in the DNS settings of your custom domain to point to the unique value that is provided (E.g. You may need to send this request to your IT department
  5. Once the CNAME is in place, click the Check CNAME button to verify
  6. If successful, your custom domain will now be active on your account

SSL should be enabled automatically within 24/48 hours after activation, if your account is eligible to receive one. Check the padlock colour positioned to the left of your custom domain listing to see the status

Trouble Shooting

  1. If the survey is being used over the public internet, then the CNAME must be setup on your public DNS configuration and not on your internal company DNS i.e. not in Active Directory. In most cases, it should not be setup in Active Directory at all
  2. When setting up a CNAME, some DNS providers require that you add a full-stop/period at the end of a domain name to specify that it is absolute and not relative to your main domain. In other words you should specify the target of the CNAME as e.g. (note the trailing full-stop) and not just otherwise it might be interpreted as
  3. Do not use ping to test for setup of DNS. You can either use Powershell's Resolve-DnsName domainname cmdlet or nslookup domainname in the command prompt or linux shell, both of which will show you a cname trail from your custom domain back to its final location and IP address. The final domain should be<user number>
  4. Do not point your custom domain to an IP address, which could be changed, use the CNAME from the admin page
  5. Don't use the CNAME target from another account since it will fail verification at SmartSurvey

If the status is still pending after 48 hours or if it's disabled and you wish to have it enabled then get in touch with us by creating a support ticket

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