Creating Charts from Survey Results

Turning survey results into charts allows you to create visual representations of your data which can be incredibly useful when analysing statistics and presenting results in reports. 

Generating Result Charts

  1. Go to the Results page of your survey
  2. Click Create Chart next to a question with the create chart option - this generates a chart showing the respondents answers
  3. Use the Display drop down menu to change the type of chart
  4. Click Show Chart Settings to give your chart a title and alter the values displayed. Important: click Update Chart to re-draw the chart with any changes to your chart settings
  5. Under Export to, select either PDF, JPG or PNG

Chart Types

2D Column

A straightforward chart showing each answer value as a column

2D Line Chart showing all the answer values as datapoints, connected by a line - options on X-axis, values on Y-axis
2D Bar Chart showing each answer value as a horizontal bar - options are arranged on Y-axis, and values on the X-axis
2D Pie The classic pie chart where each value is displayed as a proportion of a circle, which represents all the responses to the question. Segments / slices can be clicked to bring them out of the circle for emphasis and the chart can be dragged to change the angle
2D Area Similar to the 2D line, except the area under the line is shaded
3D Column The same as the 2D Column, but with a 3d look
3D Bar The same as the 2D Bar, but with a 3d look
3D Pie

The same as the 2D Pie, but with a 3d look

Chart Settings

Includes Choose whether to show the values for all possible choices or whether to include only the top 2, 3, or 4 options. If chosen, the other responses will be grouped together as a single bar / Column / Point / Slice
Group Remaining As Give a name to the Others group when not all choices are being displayed. Default set to Others
Chart Title Choose whether to display a title on the chart or not. If the title is displayed it can be changed. By default this is the question text
Data Labels

Choose whether your chart labels show the raw number of responses (Values Only), their proportion of all responses as a percentage (Percents Only), or both (Values & Percents). Default set to Percents Only

Exporting Charts for External Use

The charts can be saved directly from the chart editor by clicking the three lines icon in the upper right of the chart window. this will let you save the chart directly to PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, or XLS formats.

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