Copying Contact Lists to User Accounts

Copying a contact list from one user account to another allows different users to send different surveys to the same invited list of recipients. This is useful if you wish to target a specific audience with different surveys in a campaign different people are working on.

Sharing Contact Lists to Different User Accounts

To share your lists:

  1. In the Account drop down menu in the black navigation bar, select User Accounts.
  2. Click Settings next to the user who created the contact list.
  3. Under Edit User, select Contact Lists.
  4. To the far right of the contact list you wish to use, click the Copy icon.
  5. Use the User drop down menu to select the person you wish to share the contact list with.
  6. Use the Rename box to give the contact list a new title, if you wish.
  7. Click Yes.

The shared contact list will now appear in the Address Book of the second user.

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