Conflicting Anonymous Settings

When creating your invitations, it is important to ensure the anonymous setting on your chosen Tracking Link  matches the setting chosen on your Contact List.

Tracking Link


Contact List

If these do not match, you will be alerted to this before sending your survey. You may proceed past the alert if you are happy for the survey responses to be anonymous.

If you would like to change the Tracking Link settings to match the Contact List, follow these steps.

Tracking Link - Enabling/Disabling Anonymous Responses

To enable anonymous responses:

  1. Go to the Collect page of your survey.
  2. Hover over the Tracking Link you wish to anonymise, select Settings.
  3. Under Link Settings, check/uncheck the Anonymous Survey box.

Note: You are not able to amend a Contact List once this has been set up. In this instance we would recommend deleting the existing Contact List, and setting up a new Contact List.

Contact List - Enabling/Disabling Anonymous Responses 

  1. In the black navigation bar at the top under Libraries, select Address Book
  2. Click Add New Contact List
  3. Under List Name type a name for the list
  4. Under List Type tick the Email box
  5. Tick boxes against three options as required:
    • Anonymous Results - allows recipients to complete the survey without being automatically identified
    • Allow Duplicate Emails - allows the same email address to be added to the list more than once
    • Custom Columns - allows you to add custom fields to the contact list, in addition to the name and email fields

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