Changing the Tracking Link Used for an Email or SMS Invitation

By default, email and SMS invitations use the "Default Tracking Link" (with an added identifier) to take respondents from the email to the survey. An exception is where the user ticks the "create tracking link" option in creating the invitation, which copies the default link and creates a specific link that will only work for that invitation.

In either case, it's possible to change the tracking link used by the invitation (prior to sending) survey to any other link of the "Web Link" type.

One example of this might be where a survey is multilingual, with different invitations for each language and you want to ensure that the survey loads in the right language for the invitation.

Changing the Tracking Link for the Invitation

  1. Create the invitation as normal, entering all the required details and content, then save it as a draft.
  2. After saving the draft, you'll be taken to an "Invitation Details" page, with a small information box in the upper left of the page.
  3. The card shows some key details of the invitation. The last line of the box is the assigned tracking link.
  4. Next to the assigned link details is the text "Change Link". Click this.
  5. A dialogue box will pop up. Choose your desired link from the drop-down of valid links.
  6. Click "Save Changes".

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