Whitelist Information for SmartSurvey

White List our Mail Servers

If you're experiencing mail deliverability issues, you should send the following list of IP addresses to your IT department to whitelist.

# Hostname IP
1 ms1.ssmx.net
2 ms2.ssmx.net
3 ms3.ssmx.net
4 ms4.ssmx.net
5 ms5.ssmx.net
6 w1.smartsrv.co.uk
7 w2.smartsrv.co.uk
8 w3.smartsrv.co.uk
9 w4.smartsrv.co.uk
10 w5.smartsrv.co.uk
11 w6.smartsrv.co.uk
12 st1.smartsrv.co.uk
13 st2.smartsrv.co.uk
14 xs1.ssmx.net


All of these IP addresses are included in the SPF record: spf.ssmx.net

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