Using a QR Code to Distribute a Survey

QR codes are images, similar to a barcode, that contain coded information. Some smartphones will, when the user points the phone camera at a code that contains a URL, automatically open that URL on the phone's browser. Ideal for online surveys or forms related to specific real-world locations or events, such as exhibitions, these codes can be placed around the location allowing respondents to visit the survey without needing to type in a full web link.

To create a QR code link, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Collect page of your survey
  2. Choose QR Code - this will create a new tracking link for the QR Code
  3. Right-click on the square QR image to save it
  4. Use the saved image on your physical materials that you want to link to the survey

Apart from the existence of the QR image, the link behaves as any other tracking link and can have the same settings applied.

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