Finding and Correcting Insecure Content in Surveys.

By convention, all web pages should now be secured by an https / TLS connection. Pages that are not secured via https: will likely show errors in modern browsers.

Over the course of 2021, all SmartSurvey surveys (both new and existing) will be switched to using an https connection. This has been the default setting for some time, but we’re now extending it to all surveys. When a web browser is asked to display a web page via https that contains embedded elements that are not secured with https, then it may cause errors. This guide exists to help you identify any issues and correct them.

The most common issue relates to images hosted on external websites, but other embedded content may be affected.

How to check for insecure content

  1. The first and simplest check is to view the survey link, or the preview link, in https mode in a browser window.
  2. Check that the survey is in https mode by checking in the survey settings as described in this guide. If no option is available in the survey settings, the survey has been set to https already.
  3. Open the survey or preview link for all pages, including any thank you pages (this may take multiple passes if Skip Logic is activated) and ensure the  following for each page:
    • No warnings are displayed by the browser.
    • All images or other embedded content elements are displayed.
  4. If your survey has translations and contains embedded content in the translated sections (such as question text or answer options) you should check the translated versions of the survey in the same way.

Correcting any issues

For each of the following areas, this is where you can find the option to correct an issue. The solution is always to replace the URL with one hosted on an address secured with https:. In some cases of externally hosted content, simply adding the extra “s” to the “http” section of the URL so it reads “https” may work. If the external content doesn’t have an accessible secure location, then remember you can upload content to the File Library. If you’re using the file library, it may be helpful to have it open in another browser tab to easily access the file URL.

How to find and update each element

  • Survey Logo: In the Survey Editor, choose “settings”, then “Logo”.
  • Page Description: In the Survey Editor, by clicking “Edit Page” for that page.
  • Question Text, Answer Choice Text: In the survey, by clicking “edit question” for that question.
  • Translated Page Description, Question Text, or Answer Choice Text: In the Survey Editor, choose “Translations” from the “Options” drop-down, then “Customise text” for the translation you want to update. Then find the content element in the translations section and replace as you would for the main survey content.
  • Tracking Link Closed, Thank You, or Disqualify Messages: In the Survey Collect tab, select the tracking link settings for the required link (tools icon) and then, click “Toggle Advanced Options”. Choose the “Messages” option to access these messages.
  • Theme Background Image, Header HTML, Footer HTML, Head HTML:  These can be edited via the theme editor. To find out which theme the survey is using, check the “Theme” option in the survey design section.

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