Exporting Individual Responses

In some circumstances, you may wish to export your responses individually in an easily-readable format such as a PDF or Word Document, rather than as a spreadsheet of the raw data such as CSV or XLS. This guide will show you how to do this.

  1. While in your survey, click the “Results” Tab
  2. Then click “Export”
  3. From the “Report Type” drop-down on the left, choose “Individual Responses”
  4. You will need to name your report, choose a file type, options, and apply any desired filters (if you have any).
  5. If desired, use the Scheduler to allow SmartSurvey to automatically download the report for you at any given time
  6. Click “Export Data”

Use the 'Email Report' option alongside the scheduler to have SmartSurvey email you and/or others at the time you chose.

Report Options:

PDF or Word Sets File format
Display Respondent Details Determines whether a Respondent’s details are shown in the report. These details are: Respondent Number, Time / Date Started Survey, Time Taken, IP Address, Respondent ID, Time/Date Finished Survey, Translation of Survey Used, and Country, plus any information in the address book.
Display Unanswered Questions If Unchecked, Questions left unanswered will not be included in the export. When Checked, they will be shown with “No Response”.
Insert Page Break Between Responses Starts each response a new page.
Email Report Sends a copy of the report to the email address entered when checked. This works in conjunction with the scheduler for when you want regular automated reports to be sent via email.
Select Custom Filter Apply a Filter (previously set up in the filtering tool) to the results. 


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