Exporting Individual Responses

See below for how to export your responses individually in an easily-readable format, such as a PDF or Word Document, rather than as a CSV or XLS spreadsheet of the raw data. 

  1. Click Results in the blue navigation bar while in your survey
  2. Click Export in the white navigation bar
  3. In the Export Settings, give your export a name and choose Individual Responses from the "type" drop-down.
  4. Select PDF or Word Format.
  5. On the "Customise" Tab, select display options and apply any filters you have.
  6. Email / Schedule lets you set up email alerts for the export and scheduled and/or recurring instances of the export. See "Scheduled Export Options" for details.
  7. Click the green Export button to run the export. if you've set a schedule up, this button will say "Schedule" and start the schedule.

Use the Send Export by Email option alongside the scheduler to have SmartSurvey automatically email you and/or others an up-to-date report at a time(s) you schedule.

Report Options:

When you create an "Individual Responses" export, the "customise" section has the following options:

  • Include Respondent Details: This is information such as ID, start and end date and time of response, IP address and name/email details from the contact list, if relevant.
  • Insert page break between responses: Start each response on a new page of the export.
  • Display Unanswered Questions: Include question test where that question wasn't answered.
  • Include Scoring Values: Include any scoring value associated with the answer given along with the answer.
  • Select Custom Filter: Choose whether to apply a filter (defined in the filtering tool) to the responses that are exported.

NOTE - If there are more than 1000 responses on the survey, this feature is not available. To export individual responses when there are more than 1000, you will need to use one of the tablulated options (CSV, XLSX, SPSS, etc).

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