Filtering Through Open-Ended Answers

As there is an unlimited range of potential answers respondents could give to open-ended questions, you have a choice in the way you want to analyse them.

Searching for Keywords in Open-Ended Answers

  • Go to My Surveys
  • Click the Results icon next to your chosen survey
  • Hover over More in the white navigation bar and click Search
  • In Search Text Data type your search term in the Keyword box - start with one key word
  • Click Search

Setting up a Text Analysis

  1. Go to My Surveys
  2. Click the Results icon next to your chosen survey
  3. In the white navigation bar hover over More and click on Text Analysis
  4. Click Select next to the question you wish to analyse
  5. Click on Categories in the menu on the left  
  6. In the box provided give each category of answers a name and colour (from the drop-down list) 

Categorising Responses

  1. Click the Results icon next to your chosen survey
  2. Click on Responses in the grey menu on the left
  3. Tick the relevant question boxes to apply categories - alternatively tick the greyed out Categorise As button to select all
  4. Click the Categorise As button to assign a category
  5. You can also use the Search Responses box by entering a keyword


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