Creating Cross-Tab Reports

Cross-Tab reports compare how different groups of respondents answered pairs of questions in a survey. You can use the grid system to compare the answers to closed questions. This can help you to identify trends in your respondents' answers.

The below examples shows a Cross-Tab report on two questions, gender and satisfaction levels:

These reports do not work for open-ended (free text) answers.

Making a Cross-Tab Report

To create the report:

  1. Go to the Results page of your survey.
  2. In the Survey Results menu, click More.
  3. Select Cross Tab.
  4. In the Column and Row drop down menus, select the two questions you wish to compare.
  5. The default groups are male and female, but you can use the Filter option to set other groups.
  6. Click Create Report.

You can also export a Cross-Tab report into Excel. Click here to find out more.

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