Saving or Exporting a Single Response

You can use the “Save As” button that appears when viewing an individual response to save a customised export of the response.

To do this, follow the instructions below.

  1. Navigate to your survey
  2. In the Survey, Click the “Results” tab.
  3. In the Results tab, click “Responses”
  4. Navigate to the response you wish to export
  5. Click “Save As”
  6. Choose your options, then click one of the buttons at the bottom of the dialogue box.

Save Response Options

Options that are ticked will be included in the export. Options that are unticked will not be.


Include or exclude additional comments from respondents (where the option was added to a question).

Page Numbers

Include or exclude details of the survey page numbering.

Question Numbers

Include or exclude question numbers. Note: These may not match the numbers shown to users if descriptive text elements or skip logic is used.

Page Headings

Include or exclude page heading text

Answer Choice Headings

Include or exclude multiple choice answers that were marked as headings using the <h> tag.

Survey Scoring

Include or exclude details of the overall survey score for that response.

Page Scoring

Include or exclude details of the page score for that response.

Question Scoring

Include or exclude details of the question score for that response

Unanswered Questions

Include or exclude details of questions that the respondent did not answer, either because it was not mandatory, or skipped past because of Skip Logic.

Respondent Info Box

Include or exclude a box with details about the respondent such as contact list information and any information passed in via custom variables.

Format Buttons

Choose to export the response as a word doc, PDF, or to display a print-friendly HTML page.


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