Editing a Scheduled Report

After setting up a scheduled or recurring export of your survey’s results, you may wish to edit the settings of the export at a later date. You may for instance want to reduce the frequency of reports as a survey gets older, or at a period of high activity, you may want more regular report. You may wish simply to change the time, day, or date, that the scheduled reports happen.

To do this, navigate to “Results” on the main nav, and then “Export” from the bar below.

On the right-hand side of your screen, you’ll see a list of the currently-available report exports and below that, a list of the scheduled exports.

To edit your report, click on the pencil icon.

This will bring up a dialogue box allowing to you change the following:


Report name  Set the name of your report
Email Report  Set whether the report is mailed to someone when it is scheduled. With this ticked, you can also set and change the recipients and the content of the email that is sent. See Editing Email Report Notifications  for more details.
Frequency  Set whether the report recurs on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or is just run one time.
Start Date and Start Time  Set the first time the report is exported. If the report has already been run, then this will set the next time the report will run.
Recur every  Set the recurrence interval in days, weeks, or months. Only appears when “frequency” is not set to “one time”.
Re-Run  Set how many times the report will recur before stopping.

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