Editing Email Report Notifications

If you've set up Email report notifications for a survey, Editing the Scheduled report allows you extra control over the email notifications that are sent out, so you can change them from the defaults.

Selecting “Email Message” allows you to set the “From” Display name, the originating email address, subject line, and message body.

You’ll see a number of merge tags in the body and in the default subject line. If you’re not familiar with merge tags, these are markers that instruct SmartSurvey to replace them with specific information related to the specific survey and report at the time the email is sent, so including them in your email copy, should you wish to edit it, will seamlessly include the relevant information for each email.

The tags are:

[survey(id)]  Survey ID The Number ID of the Survey 
[survey(title)] Survey title  The Title of the Survey as shown to respondents
[survey(nickname)]  Survey nickname The Nickname Given to the Survey (Not shown to Respondents) 
[report(id)] Report ID The Number ID of the Report
[report(name)] Report name The Name given to the report in the edit dialogue
[report(filename)] Report file name The filename of the export (created automatically)
[report(size)] Report file size Size of the export file
[report(date)] Date created Date the report was created.


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