Respondents Unsubscribing From Contact Lists

When respondents are sent invitations via the email tool, an opt-out link (also known as an unsubscribe link) is included in the invitation.

When the respondent clicks the link, they will be taken to a page asking for a further click as a confirmation.

If they confirm, the respondent will be unsubscribed from the contact list to which the invitation they received was sent.

Important: They will not be automatically unsubscribed from any other contact lists that they are already subscribed to.

After a respondent is unsubscribed from a list, they cannot be re-subscribed to it, nor can they be added to any other lists.

Because each SmartSurvey Account is considered to be a data controller under GDPR, unsubscribes are handled on a per-user basis so a respondent unsubscribing from one user won't affect another.

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