Emails not sending

If your email invitations are not sending, there are a number of possible reasons for this.

See below for the most common reasons that contact list emails might not be sending as expected.


Email invitations can be scheduled in the email tool, but note that this is subject to occasional maintenance. In general, you should see scheduled invites sending within an hour or so of the scheduled time. If the tool is running, the first batch of emails should be sent at about the scheduled time.


In the opaque world of spam prevention, some email providers downgrade the quality of emails that are sent in large batches - they are often assumed to be spam since they are sent to large numbers in a short space of time. To reduce the chance of this, emails are sent in batches of 1000 every 10 minutes per list. You might, therefore only see 1000 sent of your invitation initially.

Note: This restriction means that for large mailing lists, you should assume an overall rate of around 6000 sends per hour.

If this batch limitation is going to cause issues for your survey, you can contact support and request an adjustment to the batching settings. Be aware though that doing so may impact deliverability for this and future sends because of the possible effect on sender reputation.

Tracking Link Needs To Be Open

It might seem obvious but the survey tracking link needs to be open before sending emails, otherwise the recipients would not be able to click through to the survey. The email sending tool will disable the sending of the invitation if it detects that the tracking link has been closed.

If the tracking link is closed during email sending, the email send will be stopped at the time the link is closed. Any emails sent before the link is closed will not be affected directly, but respondents clicking on the email link after it's closed will not be able to access the survey.

If the link is re-opened and you wish emailing to resume, you will need to contact the SmartSurvey support team to re-enable the sending.

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